Who Pays For That? The Taxpayers of Oyster Bay!

By Harry Freedman

Do you remember when you were a kid and you still thought that government leaders were acting in all of our best interests? And then, do you remember that moment when you started to realize just how many of them were corrupt? Do you remember how disappointed you were that the world didn’t work the way you were taught and that your future might be based less on your talents and drive, then on your ability to connive in a rigged system? Do you recall how you felt when your dreams about how you thought the world worked or should work, got shattered by the reality of how it actually does work.

Well, that moment is right now for your kids. Because, everyday when they turn on the TV or glance at Newsday, they learn more and more about how Ed Mangano and John Venditto used their elected positions and cheated us for their own personal gain.

You and I are used to it. But I’m wondering how it makes you feel to see your kids getting that same lesson? And if it makes you feel as bad as I do, why are we still voting these crooks into office? And why, did we vote the appointed successor in Oyster Bay, Joe Saladino, from that same crook-making machinery to take over as Town Supervisor for Venditto?

During last week’s episode of the Mangano-Venditto trial, it was revealed that when Oyster Bay sold the vacant Syosset property for 30 million dollars back in 2013, the town credited itself with that 30 million as revenue, thus turning a 22 million dollar deficit into an 8 million dollar surplus.

There was just one problem. It’s 2018 and they still haven’t actually closed the sale. But, as usual, they used fake accounting practices, to make the budget look better then it actually was. This is standard procedure in Oyster Bay.

Investment analyst Patrick Strollo from Federated Investors of Pittsburgh was researching Oyster Bay as an investment proposition when he learned about some of its reckless financial neglect back in 2013. Strollo testified at the trial, “Top Management (of the town) did not share the urgency…about their financial position.”

When asked who pays for the extra costs for the insurance to get Oyster Bay’s bonds to market, Strollo replied,” The Taxpayers of Oyster Bay.”

When further asked, “who pays for the additional interests for those bonds?” Strollo again replied, “The Taxpayers of Oyster Bay.”

Any questions? We can’t lay this out any clearer. You need to stop voting for these people. I hate to use a cliché, but, if nothing else, do it for your kids.

Oyster Bay – Government For the Government – Not The People

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