By Harry Freedman

Peter King has been in Congress for 25 years and has a reputation of
being one of the more bipartisan politicians in Washington. And
maybe in ordinary circumstances you’d say it’s not so bad to have a
high-ranking Republican in Congress from Long Island.

Well, actually, even then, it’s still really bad if you care about clean
water, clean air, financial inequality, the middle class, good schools,
and our nation’s security. Yes, that’s right, because while Peter King
fancies himself as our great protector from terrorism, he strongly
supported the Iraqi war, which I and many others knew was based on
lies, which completely destabilized the middle east and did more to
increase terrorism then virtually any single action in American history.
But Peter King likes to talk tough and also pretends to care about
ordinary working people. I submit that there isn’t a single Republican
in Congress that cares about ordinary working people based on the
most recent tax cuts and their history of supporting billionaire CEO’s
while now planning to put Medicare and social security on the
chopping block because of the deficits they just exploded on behalf of
those billionaire CEO’s.

But perhaps more importantly, these are not ordinary times. The
election in November isn’t just about control of Congress. It’s about
whether or not we continue as a country to have democracy. I never
thought I’d write a sentence like that and I know most of my
Republican neighbors think that’s crazy. I wish they were right.
But we have a President that’s changed the very format of our
government in less then 2 years. We know now that he is in Russia’s
back pocket and in an attempt to protect himself, he will destroy the
FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, freedom of speech, and anything or
anyone else that gets in his way.

Here’s how bad things are. We don’t even know if our elections will
be free this November. We don’t know if our votes will be counted
correctly or how many people will be prevented from voting or have
their votes negated because of voter suppression, gerrymandering,
and voter purges. And we don’t know how much the Russians will
interfere with our election because President Trump refuses to allow
anyone to investigate what happened during the last one.
So this election is not merely about Peter King.

This election is whether all the troops that have died for 240 years of democracy
did so for this unstable sociopath at the head of a complicit political party
to destroy it in a matter of years without us putting up a fight like
we’ve never done before.

If the Republicans hold congress, they will be bullet proof. So every
congressional seat makes a difference. Because the crazies have
taken over and Peter King is not nearly as independent as he would
like to have you believe.

Remember how the Republicans convinced us all that Obamacare
was going to be a disaster. And then remember last year when the
Republicans were confronted by their constituents when they tried to
repeal Obamacare and people begged them to keep it because they,
their relatives, and even their kids might die if they took it away?
Well, thanks to John McCain, the Republicans couldn’t quite destroy
it, but they are now defunding it and destroying it on the sly. They’ve
always done their best work in the darkness.

But did you see Peter King listening to his constituents during that
crisis? Nope. Because bullies are actually afraid of confrontation, and
I can’t say I blame him, since he was putting his own residents lives
in danger. So much for him being a standup guy.

On the other hand, Peter King has taken a very strong stand
condemning NFL players for kneeling and declared he won’t watch
NFL games. This is very popular amongst many of his constituents. It
is also pandering. Peter King knows as well as we all do, that the
players aren’t kneeling to protest the American flag or our troops.
They are simply trying to call attention to the long-term violence
towards unarmed black people by police.

Peter King is being challenged by Liuba Gretchen Shirley. She has
her work cut out for her. I’ve seen her speak a few times and I believe
in her heart. I believe in her sincerity and passion and most
importantly, her competence to represent Long island and our nation in
Congress in a way that Peter King and the current Republican
Party does not.

I’m tired of being called a snowflake, although I consider it a
complement because it means I have empathy towards others. I’m
asking you all to help us get every snowflake we have, to create a
blue blizzard this November and knock out the Peter King’s and Lee
Zeldin’s of the world to try save a country.

Yours. Mine. And Liuba Gretchen Shirley’s

Please help her win and us with her.

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