That Didn’t Take Long!

By Harry Freedman

Well, it turns out the $6.5 million dollar garage fix for the Hicksville parking garage will actually cost $18 million. Why are we not shocked? Because we are so used to this, we mumble under our breath and go about our daily lives.
The initial garage cost was $65 million. Campaign donations greased the wheels for bad contractors to get that original deal. As soon as it was done, it needed immediate repairs. Now, it’s going to cost another $18 million and three months of commuter hell for Hicksville residents.
If this were a one-shot mismanagement it would be bad enough. But if you’ve been to Teddy Roosevelt Park recently, which was renovated in 2011 for about $5 million, you know that there are already holes and broken stones in the ground near the half moon outlook on the bay. So now they have a series of large concrete blocks and a warning sign to stay out.
Despite this, people are still fishing there and kids are still playing. It’s an accident waiting to happen because it turns out, the contractors built the new stone floor on a foundation of sand. Kind of like our Town Government.

Oyster Bay – Government For the Government – Not The People


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