Stop The Political Mail on Tax Payer’s Dime

Dear Town of Oyster Bay,

While we appreciate the 2017 Collection Days Calendar, we could really do without the Political Mailings on Tax Payers Dime!

This calendar page is clearly the only necessary piece of information

[Even here, we see his name listed TWICE!]

but the rest is obviously another playing of the Saladino Shuffle… APPOINTMENTS ABOUND!

The 3 pictures of Saladino (and one of the 3 of the board members; two of whom are up for election) and the 8 mentions of [Appointed] Town Supervisor Saladino’s name are a bit excessive, and clearly just a way to spread your name (as well as the names of the 2 other appointees up for election)…

Seems a bit political for a Town mailer!

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