Strap yourselves in folks because Appointed Supervisor Saladino is taking us on a crazy ride with his “Sweeping Reforms!”

Councilman Pinto stepped down to be appointed Parks Commissioner (with a $50,000 pay raise). His appointed replacement is Lou Imbroto who most recently lost in the special election to replace Judy Jacobs seat in the County Legislature. Arnie Drucker, won that election in a landslide. Imbroto also challenged Chuck Levine twice and lost, and once against Judy for her county legislator seat. Mr. Imbroto has been a good Nassau GOP soldier

Every Council Member (all Republicans) voted “Aye” except Councilman Anthony D. Macagnone who said he was just notified of this so he abstained.

Who would expect anything else from this appointed Supervisor?More… on Mr. Saladino’s governing style:

  • He only wants positive comments and he picks and chooses what questions he wants to answer.
  • He speaks to residents in a very condescending way.
  • His tag line is that It’s a new day in Oyster Bay.
    This is all smoke and mirrors.

First, he hired a full-time deputy supervisor for $135K (when the previous one was doing it for free!) who also has been his campaign treasurer for nearly 14 years!!! [this would be comical if it wasn’t destroying our town]

Then he hired a new Town Attorney, Mr. Carmen, who has an extensive history with the Nassau County GOP and BTW, his sibling is one of the defense lawyers for the Mangano’s.

Last week he replaced his and his deputy’s secretary’s and reassigned the current ones who were in that role.

New Day in Oyster Bay! Really??

More people need to get involved in TOB. Watch the stream if you can’t attend. It is time for residents to rise up and demand change.

“Sweeping Reforms,” Mr. Saladino, does not just mean sweeping it under the rug.


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Cheri Mulholland · March 9, 2017 at 7:51 am

If you look up ‘Corruption’ in the dictionary you will find pictures of ToB. Why do these crooks and thieves get elected year after year? Because their base are all employed by the town. And my guess is that 100% of town employees are Republican. Do you know of any Democrats who have gotten jobs in the town?

The new head clown and his appointed flunkies have to go. There should have been a special election.

How many night/evening meetings are there this year? Everyone I know that is interested in going to a meeting is working during the day.

I voice my opinion on Facebook and Twitter. And will go to any night meeting that they have.

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