In this week’s edition of ‘Spotlight On Corruption’, we look at Yesterday’s Newsday Article Queens man gets probation, fine in Sandy engineer report case.

(Screenshot from the NYS Board of Elections)

The article discusses the sentencing of Matthew Pappalardo, a former executive of Hirise Engineering PC, a Uniondale engineering firm, who “had admitted he deleted language from the 2013 report that indicated the house was structurally unstable without consulting with the engineer who inspected it.”[1]

In August 2016 “[NY Attorney General] Schneiderman’s office had accused Pappalardo and employees he supervised of making changes to reports that engineers had submitted after they inspected the storm-damaged homes covered by the government-run flood-insurance program”[1]

The engineering firm, HiRise, pleaded guilty to a fifth-degree criminal-solicitation violation. The company agreed to be permanently barred from receiving contracts and providing services under the federal flood-insurance plan, and to pay $225,000 in costs.


We cannot overlook what really happened here. Hirise Engineering and their staff took advantage of homeowners at their most vulnerable! “Those reports were evaluated by flood insurance adjusters and federal officials, and homeowners were reimbursed based on them. As a consequence, numerous flood claims may have been undervalued or denied under the National Flood Insurance Program, a part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.” [2]

What’s more infuriating however, is not just that a firm would take advantage of hurricane victims, but also ow politically connected the firm is. Like many [shady] contractors doing work in the area, Hirise Engineering has donated the following :

Edward Mangano: $17,300
Nassau County Republican Party: $19,350
North Shore Republican Club: $1660
Town of Hempstead Republican Club: $1200
Town of Oyster Bay Republican Club : $3900
Massapequa Park Republican Club: $500
Hicksville Republican Club : 2900
Total $46,810

This is not the first republican politically connected firm that has been charged with corruption; and without change it will not be the last! We need immediate change! We need REAL Contract reform! We need to stop awarding contracts to the most politically connected firms!

[Donation Years: 2006 – 2014] [Source: NYS Board of Elections Campaign Financial Disclosure]


Source :Newsday Article
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