Today we received YET ANOTHER taxpayer-funded political mailer from [Appointed] Supervisor Saladino.

We Fixed it for you!

If you want our tax dollars to stop being wasted, sign our petition.

“Alesia on Friday sent a memo to Deputy Supervisor Greg Carman stating that she objected to having Ballas — who is Carman’s next-door neighbor in Farmingdale — appointed comptroller at Tuesday’s meeting”The Debt is a Big Lie!  The Town has Borrowed – $29.5 Million in Bonds, $15 million in Revenue Anticipation Notes, & $20 Million in Bond Anticipation Notes, for ~65 Million in New Borrowing this year. 
6. Marc Herman proposed the Independent inspector general back in June, while Saladino was heckling him. Then Saladino took our idea for a press story, but has yet to hire one; if he had we may have avoided some of the hires and contracts we got.
7.Saladino’s social media account links to his campaign website. When you’re on his “Official” Facebook page you’re only 2 clicks away from donating to his campaign; this is not okay

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Jared Goerke · September 30, 2017 at 4:26 pm

It becomes enough after a while. It’s time to get him and his cronies out of his office. I can’t wait to vote for Marc Herman and the Oyster Bay Democrats!

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