When elected here is our plan:




When elected, we will create a Master Road Plan.

The purpose of The Master Road Plan is to document existing roadway deficiencies, identify areas of growth and congestion in the community, provide solutions to the identified problems, and allow residents to track the status of the road projects in their community.

The Master Road Plan will also provide a foundation from which the Town may schedule construction of needed roadway improvements and/or new roadway segments.

You should be able to look online at an interactive map, see when your road was last completed when it’s scheduled, and the progress on it


The hardworking taxpayers of Oyster Bay deserve a government they trust, and that includes new ethics rules that will help prevent our public officials from taking advantage of residents in the first place. Oyster Bay residents not only deserve a potential refund from former Supervisor Venditto’s 11.5% Corruption Tax, they deserve a set of iron clad ethics reforms that will protect their wallets and pocketbooks in the future including:


  • Anti-Nepotism Rules:
  • Barring “Pay-for-Position” Practices:
  • No Political Advertising:
  • Transparency and Contract Disclosure
  • Disclosing Lobbyists
  • On-Line Vendor Registration & Disclosure
  • Financial Accountability and Openness
  • On-Line Budgets
  • Salary Reduction
  • Increasing Opportunity
  • Competitive Job Postings
  • Transparency and Contract Disclosure
  • Independent Inspector General
  • Anti-Moonlighting Rules
  • Term Limits



We will open the books.
We are committed to a complete financial audit of the Town’s operations by outside forensic auditors to see where residents’ money has been spent and determine how to get the Town’s bond rating back on track.