Yesterday we held a press conference to announce our proposal to address the Opioid Epidemic here in the Town of Oyster Bay. Dr. Marc Herman, Democratic Candidate for Supervisor discussed extent of the Opioid Epidemic in our Town, his medical background and the impact the medical community has, and a immediate step the Town can make to save lives.

[Dr. Marc Herman holding up a container of Narcan]Our Proposal:
Equip and train every employee that interacts with the public such as lifeguards, public safety officers and parks department employees on how to use Narcan. Last year Nassau County saw 190 fatalities due to opioid overdoses, the highest ever recorded, with 20 of those fatalities in Massapequa alone. This year, local residents fear that number will be higher.
This was not meant to be a political press conference. It was about what we will do to help save lives, as a result of this horrible opioid epidemic. If Narcan can save even 1 life, it’s worth it. It’s not the answer to addiction, but again, it saves lives.
Politics As Always
Unfortunately with with Saladino, everything is political. Shortly after our Press Conference, he released his own statement, announcing a 2:00 pm training for Town Employees, and accusing us of making false accusations. We are saddened that the [Un-elected] Supervisor, instead of applauding our efforts, has chosen to make it political and again claim credit for something he had nothing to do with, and accusing us of misdoings.

Silver Lining 

Today’s Press Conference was about shining a light on a very easy and immediate step that could be taken to improve our Town and save lives. We hope that our Town Government follows through on their word and properly trains and equips all relevant staff with Narcan; and look forward to continuing the dialogue with the residents of  the Town of Oyster Bay on this serious issue. Narcan is a great first step but the key to combating the drug crisis lies in Prevention & Education!


You Can Watch Marc’s Full Remarks Here:


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