Today we held a Press Conference in front of H.R Singleton’s, the flagship restaurant of federally indicted restaurateur Harendra Singh, because not only is it at the center of the Town’s corruption scandal revolving around alleged bribes to Oyster Bay officials, but is a sad, sober reminder of the how political corruption wastes taxpayer dollars and affects real people.

Besides from everyone in the Town of Oyster Bay has to pay a Corruption Tax every time taxpayer dollars are illegally wasted, sometimes real people lose much more than simply money in their tax bill.

Today, we continue to take issue with the parlor games and dishonest, misleading facts that come out of Town Hall regarding the Town’s debt.

[Appointed Supervisor] Saladino continues to claim he reduced the Town Debt by $70 Million dollars but that is a LIE. He fails to mention the $65 Million in NEW borrowing that the Town has borrowed this year.

And because of this, our debt service, or the amount of new money that taxpayers will be responsible for, is going up next year, and it’s going up big, by at least $8 million dollars more.

Which is why we are calling on the SEC to widen their investigation into the Town and Town officials who are frankly lying about what the Town owes and does not owe.

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