In this time of corruption and back-room politics, we offer instead a renewal of civic engagement and a return to government that is responsible to the needs of its citizens.  Therefore, here is Our Commitment to you, the voter in Oyster Bay:

We commit ourselves to substantially reducing the tax burden placed on the people of Oyster Bay by the corrupt Venditto-Republican machine, while maintaining and improving the public services that have come to be relied upon by so many of us.

We commit ourselves to ensuring that public services will no longer be threatened with privatization schemes as a method of intimidation at the negotiating table; and that when “belt-tightening” becomes necessary, that burden will be shared by all members of the public trust and not exclude the members of the Town Board as has been done previously.

We commit ourselves to placing Town of Oyster Bay businesses FIRST and will support and develop the local, individual business person(s) over corporate interests, corrupt no-bid contracts, and blatant attempts of bribery. In this manner we will concentrate our efforts so that our local dollars get spent in local businesses.

We believe that access to early childhood through post-secondary education  is vital to the future of our town.  Therefore, we commit ourselves to standing with our public schools and fighting to ensure that every public dollar, earmarked for education, will end up in the hands of our public schools, despite the efforts of suspiciously funded politicians receiving massive campaign contributions from Charter School Super-PACS.

As our first order of business we commit ourselves to opening the books of the last 20 years in order to share with the public our determination to wipe away the corrupt financial practices that have been instituted by the Venditto-Republican Machine, while striving for optimal transparency as we set about cleaning up the giant mess they have left behind.