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By Harry Freedman

It may not seem like much when you’re $745 million in debt, but the Oyster Bay Town Board just passed out another 22 raises totaling $113,000, on top of the $735,000 they gave out in January.

The administration is apparently celebrating the fact that they managed to crawl back up one step above junk bond status, by handing out money that we really can’t afford. We have now had 10 years of economic expansion, yet they have done nothing to prepare for the next recession. Does anybody doubt that one is coming?

Instead, Oyster Bay continues to hire and give raises based more on loyalty and party affiliation then on skill set. In addition, it seems like everybody is related to everybody else in the town government. If you have an old friend, unemployed spouse, nephew, son, daughter, or distant cousin, and they need work, they can almost always count on a nice cushy position and the hell with the budget. We’ll worry about that later. No skills? Who cares? If you give your time and money to the next election, there will always be a place for you.

This is how it works in Oyster Bay and how it will always work until the electorate wakes up.

By the way, Town Supervisor Saladino did not respond to requests for comment about the raises. He never does when there’s something embarrassing to answer for. But you and I still pay for the mailers we get from him, or more accurately, the self-promotion kits.

Oyster Bay – Government For The Government and Not the People.

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Dan Carazo · April 10, 2018 at 12:08 pm

I sincerely hope the TOB Dems can recruit a stronger lineup of candidates in the next election.
Last election cycle I posted lawn signs for our candidates, and distributed a letter urging 50 or 60 of my neighbors in Syosset to vote for a clean slate, change the party in power and hold the TOB government accountable. Our candidate for the Nassau County Executive position won–because she had developed an appropriate resume. Our TOB Supervisor candidate fell short, not because he wasn’t a friendly, engaging person, but likely because our well-educated electorate didn’t trust placing the town’s budget, finances and management needs in the hands of a dentist. I was very disappointed that the local Democrats were unable to find a candidate whose background and experience were more aligned with running the executive functions of local government.

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