Once again Newsday has demonstrated top-notch investigative journalism about Nassau County’s broken assessment system.  In their Two-Part series Newsday has investigated both the growing disparity between those who file grievances and those who don’t in the county; because of the broken assessment system.  One of the quotes that resonated with us we included below because perfectly demonstrates the hardships we are all facing due to the criminal incompetence of the Mangano-Republican machine.

        “Cardali said his mother has not taken vacations in years and is house poor, with the biggest expense from her fixed income being her $10,089 tax bills. “It’s kind of appalling that you would have the county government taking advantage of people this way,” he said. “There’s got to be a tremendous number of people who are in my mother’s situation who don’t know.”’

The second part of the Investigation focuses on the politically connected Tax Firms that have benefited because of the current assessment system that was implemented at the start of Mangano’s term.   Since 2009 at least $1.8 million has been donated to Edward P. Mangano & other Nassau County Republican Committees by tax appeal firms.  The same firms that helped develop the current assessment system and have earned ” conservatively $502 million in fees since Mangano upended the tax system, largely following the committee’s recommendations”



We need to end the current pay to play system that has undermined Mangano’s Administration from the start!


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