Laura Curran and Dr. Marc Herman
Join Shocked Taxpayers and Unveil Plans to End the Corruption Tax in Nassau County and Oyster Bay


– Local Residents Protest 72% Tax Hike in This Year’s Bill, a Result of the Corruption Tax  –

Syosset, NY (August 3, 2017Nassau County Executive Candidate Laura Curran joined Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Candidate Marc Herman and dozens of frustrated local taxpayers to protest the Town of Oyster Bay’s 72% tax-hike in the Town’s general fund.


“Nassau County Taxpayers have been paying a corruption tax for too long. Taxes are too high and as Nassau’s next County Executive, I will end the culture of corruption and make our County government accountable and worthy of trust,” said Nassau County Executive Candidate Laura Curran. “I have introduced concrete, detailed proposals to deal with our broken contracting system, to end patronage, and to bring transparency to County government. Our government needs to serve the people – not the entrenched political class – and their tax dollars should only go to services and jobs that benefit the public good.


The Town of Oyster Bay was hit by the highest local property taxes on Long Island and is currently reeling from several federal and local corruption indictments of former public officials, Town workers, and contractors. The disgraceful 72% tax increase in the Town’s principal operating fund, which is the result of scandal, skyrocketing debt, and wasteful spending, will make it harder for middle class families and senior citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet.


“I never thought I’d see a tax hike that equaled my age,” said 72-year old Syosset homeowner Jayne McPartlin, who spoke from her front law. “Every year taxes go and up services go down, it has to stop.”


The Town’s general fund increased from $32,351,641 in 2016 to $55,793,013 in 2017, with local taxpayers making up the interest.


“I am paying my taxes this year, as we all are, under protest because we all know that a 72% tax hike in the Town’s General Fund is caused by more than just mismanagement. It’s caused by willful neglect and old-fashioned corruption,” said Town Supervisor Candidate Marc Herman. “It’s sad that the hardworking taxpayers have to live with pervasive and systemic corruption. What’s worse, the problem is so obvious and so out-of-control, local residents have adopted a common and universally know expression for the corruption they are forced to put up with: ‘The Oyster Bay Way.’”


The 72% increase in the Town’s general fund translates is costing hard-working middle class families hundreds of dollars that they simply can’t afford. Much of that increase is caused by the Town’s outrageous amount of borrowing, which goes towards patronage hires and politicians’ shameless self-promotion.


“Oyster Bay is whacking the taxpayers over the head in order to pay for the mountain of political mail, signs, and patronage that fund their re-election campaigns,” said Town Council Candidate Bob Freier.


“Despite what we hear from Supervisor Saladino, it’s always the same day in Oyster Bay,” said Town Council Candidate Eva Pearson. “Nothing has and will change with indicted former Supervisor John Venditto’s once Director of Town Operations, Joe Saladino, leading the Town.”

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