Anti-Nepotism Rules:
No elected Town official or any Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner may have direct family members (e.g. spouse, children, grandchildren) employed by the Town in any capacity or appointed to any position.

Barring “Pay-for-Position” Practices:

No elected Town official may accept campaign contributions from any Town employee or any Town appointee.

No Political Advertising:

Town dollars will not be used to support political campaigns.  This includes “naming” Town buildings, parks, and property with elected officials’ names or using mailings for political purposes only.  All Town mailings must have a purpose and not be sent within ninety days of an election.  All mailings will be vetted by an independent board to ensure they are not political in nature.

Transparency and Contract Disclosure:
We will enact innovative disclosure rules for all bidders and Town contract recipients that would require the filing of, and posting on the Town’s webpage, the list of political donations to Town officials, Town or County party committees and local political clubs by a Town bidder/vendor.

Disclosing Lobbyists:
All lobbyists used by Town vendors must be disclosed as well as the fees paid for their services.

On-Line Vendor Registration & Disclosure:
All vendors must register on-line and disclose relationships with Town officials, disclose any labor and tax problems, disclose safety history, and disclose whether their prior work has been the subject of any government investigation or flagged as unsatisfactory.

Financial Accountability and Openness:

Outside Audit.  We are committed to a complete financial audit of the Town’s operations by outside forensic auditors to see where residents’ money has been spent and determine how to get the Town’s bond rating back on track.

On-Line Budgets:
All budgets, and the budgeting process for each department, will be posted on the Town’s website so residents see where their money is being spent in an easy to understand format.

Salary Reduction:
We will immediately implement a salary reduction for all elected Town officials until the Town’s budget is returned to a AAA bond rating.

Increasing Opportunity:
Bidding and vendor registration will be conducted on-line so that the pool of vendors is increased, thereby providing truly competitive bidding instead of awards to the same consultants and vendors.

Competitive Job Postings:
To the fullest extent possible, all open positions in the Town will be subject to a posting and open review process.

Transparency and Contract Disclosure:
We will enact innovative disclosure rules for all bidders and Town contract recipients that would require the filing of, and posting on the Town’s webpage, the list of political donations to Town officials, Town or County party committees and local political clubs by a Town bidder/vendor.


Independent Inspector General

Creation of an independent inspector general for contracting, with the purpose of increasing the public’s confidence in the Town’s chosen contractors, and thus re- building faith again in Town Hall.


Anti-Moonlighting Rules

Town employees will not be allowed to “moonlight,” or work for any individual or company that has direct or indirect business before the Town.

Term Limits

The Town of Oyster Bay has been mired in corruption for decades.  
To help restore ethical government to our town, we will enact term limits for all elected officials.

Specifically, we believe no elected official in the Town of Oyster Bay should serve more than 8 years in a single office.


We promise:
To work with State and Federal officials to ensure all residents are aware of environmental hot spots, especially those impacting drinking water or parks where our children play, and working to remediate such areas as quickly as possible.

We will work:
To ensure that those areas of our Town without sewers have septic systems in place to protect our waterways and our drinking water supply.

We promise:
To increase storm-related preparedness to help our residents on the water to ensure they are protected from the effects of increased flooding risks.


A Development Master Plan:
We are committed to smart downtown development that allows our children and grandchildren to stay in Oyster Bay in areas they want to be in, near public transportation, while also protecting our incredible suburban lifestyle.  Such housing improves our tax base and provides new opportunities for our young people and families to start, and stay, on Long Island.  We will help create the first ever master development plan for the Town, with resident input.

An Infrastructure Master Plan:
We will, for the first time ever, complete and post on-line a complete survey of every portion of the Town’s infrastructure, including roads, its condition, anticipated life span, and the anticipated repair/repaving date.


Comprehensive Savings Review:
We have no plan to raise taxes and will focus on reviewing all Town positions to ensure they are efficiently used and not in place due to patronage.

We will work with fellow Democrat Governor Cuomo to streamline costs and efficiencies by consolidating purchasing and better using resources and technology among the villages and hamlets within the Town.

Full audits:
Each subdivision of the Town will be audited to ensure tax dollars have been spent properly and provide the results of the audits to the residents on-line.



Streamlined Permitting:
The permitting process will be streamlined through the use of technology so that permits may be filed and processed on-line and implementing an overhaul of the permitting process to ensure that TOB staff handle permits from cradle to grave to avoid the “passing-off” of permit applications from one employee to another.

On-Line Documents:
The Clerk’s office will put as many Town records as possible on-line, including budgets, audits, and minutes.

Increasing Responsiveness:
We will create a “311” system so residents can quickly be file complaints with the appropriate agency and track their complaint.

FOIL’s On-Line:
All information requested via a FOIL will be available on line to all Town residents and on online FOIL system will be created to expedite the FOIL process and ensure residents have access to all public Town information they may seek.



Opioid Epidemic

Coordination With The Police:
We will work with The Nassau County Police Department to tackle the Opioid Epidemic in the Town

Prevention & Outreach:
Prevention is Key! We need to demand better education and Intervention plans for Schools & Parents. We will Work with and bring together the community coalitions that have been dealing with the drug problem.

Train and equip all Town employees who interact with the public with Narcan; this includes Public Safety, Parks Department, & Lifeguards, this is a low cost and east initiative that can save lives

Long Island Sound Bridge / Tunnel

While we agree with many of Governor Cuomo’s Infrastructure Projects, the Long Island Tunnel is NOT one of them.We will stand with local residents in opposition to the any proposed Long Island Sound Bridge / Tunnel.
Traffic, lack of community Input, environmental impact on the Long Island Sound, noise, parking, disruption of our quality of life are among some of the many reasons we are in opposition to the
Bridge / Tunnel.