Is A Cross Sound Bridge Needed In Oyster Bay? This Is One Issue Where Both Sides Agree.
By Harry Freedman

We live in Oyster Bay. We live here because of it’s beaches, parks,
nature preserves and small town feeling. We stay here because we
know the names of our neighbors, barbers, and mailmen. We also
feel safe here and love the peace and quiet.

But all of that is now in jeopardy. The state government is revisiting
the idea of building a bridge or tunnel from Oyster Bay to
Westchester or Connecticut. And this would be no ordinary bridge or
tunnel. It would be about 16 miles long, which would make it the
single LARGEST roadway tunnel in the world, or one of the largest
bridges in the world.

It would require years of paralyzing construction and upon
completion, approximately 80,000 cars would pass through every day.
If you do the math, that would mean over 29 million vehicles traveling
through our town in the course of a year.

So, imagine what the traffic is like for Oyster Fest, and then multiply it
50 times. And then imagine that traffic every day, 24/7. Just the drive
on 106 into town from Jericho Turnpike could easily go from 5 or 10
minutes to a half hour or more. And, if you live in Bayville, which is
already a nightmare, good luck even getting home. You’ll probably
need a boat.

Of course, Oyster Fest is worth the extra traffic because it’s only 2
days and it’s a celebration of our town. This, however, would be the
end of our town, as we know it.

The interesting thing is that this is one issue that we can all agree on.
Recently, former disgraced Town Supervisor John Venditto’s
appointed replacement; Joseph Saladino argued that the state
wasted $5 million in taxpayer funds for the bridge feasibility study. We
agree. It was a waste. And both Democrats and Republicans are on
the same side on this one.

So, let’s move on. And let’s get to the other 756 million dollars in debt
the town carries, because of the Republicans waste on patronage,
corruption and lawyers’ fees.

We can’t stop the state from spending 5 million dollars on a study for
a bridge we don’t want. But we can change the Town Government to
stop the incompetence that has every household at least $6,000
dollars in debt and counting.

We are one of the richest towns in the nation and yet we have a bond
rating similar to that of Puerto Rico. So let’s keep our eye on the real
problems that need fixing and not the ones that the Republicans claim
to be solving. We agree with them on this one and they know that. So
the only reason they bring it up is that they have nothing else to
run on.

Vote Democrat for Oyster Bay.

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Dan Carazo · August 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm

I agree with Harry Freedman’s concerns.
The residents and taxpayers in TOB and Nassau County deserve a better, more ethical
and fiscally responsible government at both levels.

Our Republican friends would love to hold on to the levers of power.
But the attitude needs to be changed — from arrogance, to humility.
For too long, our elected officials have run our local governments like a family-owned business.
Pay-for-play, a wink and a nod, a pat on the back as politicians sold and traded favors.
Enough! It’s time for each of us to invite our neighbors to clean up our town.

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