Streamlined Permitting:
The permitting process will be streamlined through the use of technology so that almost all permits may be filed and processed on-line and implementing an overhaul of the permitting process to enact Ensure that TOB staff handle permits from cradle to grave to avoid the “passing-off” of permit applications from one employee to another.


On-Line Documents:
The Clerk’s office will put as many Town records as possible on-line, including budgets, audits, and minutes.


Increasing Responsiveness:
We will create a “311” system so residents can quickly be file complaints with the appropriate agency and track their complaint.


FOIL’s On-Line:
All information requested via a FOIL will be available on line to all Town residents and on online FOIL system will be created to expedite the FOIL process and ensure residents have access to all public Town information they may seek.