Christine has been public school teacher in Baldwin for 25 years, a strong advocate for public education, & a champion of the Long Island opt-out movement. She’s been an active organizer in her teachers union and wants to bring this passion to Albany to ensure the continued support for our schools!


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Christine supports:

  1. Women’s rights, including expanding and protecting reproductive rights and equal pay for equal work.
  2. Free college tuition for all of our students; reducing student loan rates; and ending the profiteering on student loans.
  3. A living wage for all workers, including pay for overtime and a $15 hour national minimum wage.
  4. Getting big money out of politics by enforcing existing campaign finance rules; passing a constitutional amendment; making it clear that Congress and the states have the power to regulate money in elections; and establishing a publicly financed, transparent system of campaign financing that multiplies small donations, along the lines of the Fair Elections Now Act.
  5. Protecting drinking water and the environment. She vows to fight for the resources from Albany to clean up the toxins that threaten drinking water and make sure polluters are not poisoning our families.



Her District Includes: Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Massapequa East , & South Farmingdale in Oyster Bay!
[As well as Babylon, Brightwaters, Gilgo Beach, North Babylon, Oak Beach, West Babylon, West Bayshore, & West Islip in Suffolk]





“Don Dunn, President of CWA Local 1108, praised Pellegrino’s work as a teacher improving the lives of children, as well as her commitment to protect jobs, improve service standards for customers, and push for a FIOS build out throughout New York State.





“NYSUT’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Pellegrino in the May 23 special election, saying that, as a reading teacher at Brookside Elementary School in Baldwin, she can offer Albany — and her Nassau County district — expertise on how to reign in over-testing in favor of more teaching and learning.

“Christine Pellegrino’s voice must be heard in Albany. She’s a teacher, a leader, an opt-out activist and a fighter for public education and middle-class families,” said NYSUT President Karen E. Magee. “We are proud to endorse her candidacy.”




“We have full confidence that Christine Pellegrino will be a strong advocate for working families on Long Island,” said UAW Local 259 President Brian Schneck. “UAW is proud to endorse her for the New York State Assembly.”





“The political decisions that most directly impact the day-to-day life of individuals often occur at the local level — which is why we’re focused on elevating strong progressives who are working towards change in their own backyards,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “As a Bernie Sanders delegate in the 2016 election, Pellegrino worked tirelessly to organize voters in her community and throughout the state of New York. We’re honored to endorse her for New York State Assembly.”