As the party of the people, the Town of Oyster Bay Democratic Committee supports candidates, programs, and policies that have only one goal – work to improve the lives of our local citizens by seeking common sense solutions and approaches to the challenges facing our Town.

Our platform is designed to stimulate our local economy by supporting and further developing our local businesses so that the can not only compete, but thrive in a market dominated by corporate interests.

  • We believe in providing hard-working families the opportunity to find sustainable jobs here in TOB that offer a living-wage without the indignity of pay-to-play.
  • We support and believe in the hard working men and women of our Unions and seek to reverse the trend of their pay and benefits steadily shrinking while Republican elected officials have their own increasing exponentially.
  • We encourage efforts to protect the precious natural resources that make the Town of Oyster Bay among the top places to live in the country.
  • We continually work to protect the rights and privileges of children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Ultimately, we believe in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people that is run by elected officials that are concerned with the best interests of its citizens, not special interest groups, corrupt businessmen, and corporate donors.

We are proud to be the Democratic Voice of the Town of Oyster Bay, and we encourage you to join us!

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