By Harry Freedman


Just one week after Oyster Bay announced that the Hicksville station-parking garage will close for 3 months for repairs due to shoddy contractors, Joe Saladino did what he does best. Self-promotion. So, he announced the first annual Joe Saladino Car Show at Tobay on Saturday April 28th .

Unfortunately, Joe Saladino has never met a piece of paper, sign or an event that he didn’t want his name on. Fortunately, he usually gets called out on his narcissism.
So, the initial $100,000 dollar mailer for the “Joe Saladino Presents the First Annual Oyster Bay Car Show,” has been redesigned without his name in the title, just as someone stopped Joe from putting the Joe Saladino Band in last years concert series, and public outragestopped the Joe Saladino face book page from being the sole social media account for all of Oyster Bay.

I have the feeling Joe was probably heartbroken having his name
removed from the car show, but that’s okay, because his name is
splashed all over the expensive glossy 4 color tri-fold mailer I just got promoting recycling along with a lovely picture of…. Joe Saladino.

So, the flyer actually did do a great job of recycling, because Joe’s
name was recycled 5 times on that flyer.
It seems whenever the town promotes something, you get a side dish of Uncle Joe, except when there’s a problem. So when the town announced the $6.8 million dollar garage repairs for shoddy work, Joe was nowhere to be found. But every piece of promotional material sent out is basically a campaign flyer with just enough real information slipped in to try to justify its presence.

Nevertheless, a car show does sound like fun. And it makes sense. Because with the parking garage down, Hicksville commuters may need a new car to drive into the city to avoid the extra wasted time taking a shuttle from the mall to the station.
And understand, I’ve got nothing against things being named for
great leaders. We currently have JFK and LaGuardia airports, as well 2 as Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt Parks. And we also have The Anne Frank Center and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Manhattan. But these names were placed after these individuals were gone to honor their service or value to society. I guess Joe decided that he just couldn’t wait. Or maybe he figures, he better put his name up on now while he can, because it isn’t likely to happen later.

I know a couple of other local Republicans who liked to put their
names on every sign they could – John Venditto and Ed Mangano.
Ironically, they are now even more famous as their corruption case plays out every day in the news. I seriously doubt they will ever get a park or museum named for them, but I would support their names on a car wash, in an attempt to clean out some of the stench they left behind.

But there’s a very stong reason why politicians should refrain from putting their names on things during their lifetime. One need only consider The Dean Skelos Athletic Field in Rockville Centre to understand that reason.

In contrast, Laura Curran fulfilled her promise to keep her name off county signs to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. And, when it comes time for the next election, she will be a disadvantage, because Laura believes that voters approval should not be determined by how many signs she can put her name on at taxpayer expense, but rather by the quality of her work. There’s a word for this that we haven’t heard in a very long time in Nassau County. It’s called ethics.

Now, at this point, there is no evidence of Saladino doing anything illegal. But he continues the same shameless arrogance and hubris that the Republicans in Oyster Bay and Nassau specialize in. So, I think if he could get away with it, Joe would put up his name even more. So perhaps we should satisfy his narcissistic need. Let’s put out an official town sandwich, The Joe Saladino Hoagie. It’ll be a half-pound of ham, a quarter pound of Swiss, a fresh sliver of lying, hiding and deflection, all beautifully wrapped in a large pretense of caring. Initial Cost $12. But after you’re done eating, they’ll add an 3 extra $5 wait staff service charge, which of course, they’ll keep for themselves.

While we’re at it, how about The Joe Saladino Car at the Joe
Saladino Car Show. It’ll be an old rusty beat up piece of machinery with a bad engine that only runs well during a campaign, but always has a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, since the steering wheel is broken, it is simply not capable of ever going straight. Supervisor Saladino stated, “This premiere Car Show will be the first of many presented by the Town of Oyster Bay.” If he’s already planned more publicity stunts like this in the future, I have to wonder, does he know something that we don’t?

Perhaps we should prepare ourselves for a lot more parking garages to need expensive repairs. Oyster Bay – Government For the Government and Not the People.


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