By Harry Freedman


A promise was made to the taxpayers to clean up a corrupt town. Another promise was made to an indicted contractor. Guess which promise Joe Saladino decided to keep?


With the help of 3 Town Councilmen, Joe Saladino just attempted to push a 175G contract to Frank Antetomaso, who oh, by the way, is a former public works commissioner indicted for conspiracy, theft of services and official misconduct and whom Saladino previously said the town would not do business with.

Now stay with me as this literally turns into something like a Steven King Novel.

In 1974, 44 years ago, Joe Saladino’s dad, also named Joe Saladino, was involved in trying to defend the honor of then Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Burke (indicted for perjury) as a man of integrity, after Burke met with 3 men in an extortion plot to obtain money for the Republican Party. One of those men was Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Public Works, Frank Antetomaso.


And yes, it’s the very same Frank Antomaso that today’s Joe Saladino attempted to give a nice juicy 175g contract to, despite being on the no-hire list. So current day Joe was well on his way to foisting a deal on the town with an indicted official who goes back to his dad’s time, and was only stopped by Councilwoman Rebecca Alesia, at which point Saladino backtracked into his fake holier than thou persona and stated, “Upon listening to . . . allegations, I will not allow taxpayers to fund any work with companies or individuals under indictment.”

I would be remiss if I did not give credit to Councilwoman Alesia for risking her political future by taking a stand against corruption. I am a Democrat and while I don’t agree with many Republican Party’s policies, I respect anyone in either party that believes in the law first and party second.

Unfortunately, there’s an ugly pattern here. Saladino came in pretending to clean up Venditto’s mess, but since he’s been in office, he’s hired retread Republicans from the Mangano administration, given raises to high level officials, is closing a commuter parking garage at a cost of $18 million because of inferior contracting, attempted to usurp the official town Face book page into his own personal Joe Saladino page, lost millions in legal fees and payments for the Verizon cell phone booster fiasco, promised an independent Inspector General to review all Town Contracts; then reneged on the promise of independence of proposed Inspector General, and in fact, still hasn’t even appointed ANY Inspector General, and the whole time, Teddy Roosevelt Park is falling apart after a 5 million renovation that was built on a foundation of sand.

If your boss did any one of these things at your company, you’d be fuming. But YOU are THEIR boss. And you have a chance to fire them in the next election. Because the last election made them even bolder and the recent trials will make the Saladinos of the world even less afraid of legal repercussions for their actions.

But unfortunately, Saladino gets away with this madness by conning people into believing that both parties are the same. And while there is no question that corruption is not solely a one party issue, in a one party town, it IS a one party issue. And that party has held power so long the corruption has calcified into routine.

There’s a saying that you get the government you deserve. Perhaps, but we don’t deserve this government. Nobody does.


So do us a favor, if you won’t vote for any Democrats, don’t use the expression that “we’re both the same.” We are not the same. Because we are ready to TRULY clean up this town if you just give us the chance.

Oyster Bay – Government For the Government – Not The People



Dan Carazo · June 28, 2018 at 11:10 am

My hope is that most Town of Oyster Bay voters are simply too busy working hard to pay our high taxes. Maybe that’s why so many fail to follow who in our local government is trying to give contracts to indicted felons. Thanks for keeping us informed about the questionable actions of the new administration. Keep it up! Perhaps one day a majority of residents will do what Nassau County voters did–give the other party the opportunity to govern.

Dan Carazo · June 28, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Perhaps voter motivation could be stimulated by publicly pointing out how the TOB is managed.
How about a news conference demanding an independent analysis of workforce efficiency?

Example: Hard to believe that Dept of Public Works in 2016 paid OVERTIME amounts over $10K up to $41K besides base pay to 182 workers! We are talking millions in OT. Who last reviewed manpower levels?
Example: TOB Highway Dept has some 200 employees, but my neighborhood streets haven’t been paved in my 19 years living here. I guess after all the OT pay there’s nothing left for maintaining our roads. Nice!

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