They call it The Oyster Bay Way
By Harry Freedman
As if the problems with the LIRR aren’t bad enough, starting July 9th, Hicksville commuters will now have to park at the Broadway Mall because the Town’s $65 million dollar parking garage is falling apart after just 7 years.

Actually, it started falling apart as soon as it was finished in 2011, what with cracked ceilings, leaks and concrete chunks falling onto parked cars, but this time the town will need $6.8 million dollars and a 3 month shut down to do the repairs.

All this is happening at the same time that former Oyster Bay Town Attorney, Frederick Mei, described the “pay to play” nature of conducting business in Oyster Bay. According to Mei a job candidate is required to “Pretty much do whatever you have to do in furtherance of the Republican Party.”

The reaction from commuters has been shock, since their most precious commodity isn’t usually money – it’s time. Because after work, sleep and travel, their 144 hour week is reduced to about 30 free hours to cook, clean, pay bills, and hopefully spend a little time with their kids. Well, Oyster Bay just stole 5 more of those hours.

I say stole, because instead of hiring companies based on competence, they hired them based on campaign contributions. The Town is now suing 2 of these companies, so we are all now paying for the repair bills and the lawyers fees.  In response, the Town just floated a new loan at interest rates one step above junk bond status to pay for it.

Because why pay once for a job well done, when you can pay 2 or 3 times for job done badly? That’s the Oyster Bay Way.

Oh, by the way, the town also just increased your permit fees by 400%, so you’re paying much more, to not have any parking. That too, is the Oyster Bay Way.

Next year, there’s another town election. By then, hopefully, the garage has been fixed and your commute is back to normal. But when it comes time to vote, don’t forget this. You have nothing to lose, except for an extra 5 to 10 hours a week of wasted time.

Because even if they patch up the concrete, unfortunately, the underlying foundation of this government is extremely defective.

Oyster Bay – Government For the Government and Not the People.

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